About Us

Warren Auger Bins was founded in January 2012 and specialize in custom building alloy feed truck bodies and trailer units for the New Zealand stock feed market. Using proven warren USA hydraulic unloading systems combined with our own NZ design, we ensure our products have fast unloading times, easy loading of product, and longevity to suit the harsh and rugged New Zealand conditions.

We’ve had over 80 happy customers to date and can help with any solution you need. We’re renowned for our client interaction and involving you in the build process, ensuring the units are built specifically to meet your needs.

We have a wide variety of discharge lengths and can customize configurations to suit customer needs. From smaller 4 axle trailers (7.5 tonne), 5 axle trailers (8.3 tonne), and standard trucks with 20ft body (12.5-13 tonne), we can build to meet your sizing requirements. We also have the ability to provide truck and trailer units to comply with 50 mx HPMV permits should you require it.

We’re constantly reinvesting into research and development to better our products. In 2017, we added a new design to our line for open top truck and trailer units, featuring 2.4m open top for ease of loading without having the need for a specialised machine – this set a new standard for loading times and reduces product spillage. We are currently on working on a new product development adding a hanger into the discharge auger to prevent premature tube wear and tear with an added advantage of noise reduction.

On top of that we pride ourselves in a stand out service from our experienced customer support, fabrication, and mechanical team including:

  • after sales support
  • routine maintenance and servicing
  • after hours breakdown service
  • Transpecs service agent